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"The Best Kept Secret in Central Illinois"

Serenity MedSpa is your Central Illinois location for the highest quality facial injectables, laser services, noninvasive cosmetic services and relaxation. Our staff is committed to providing you with the best care and effective solutions for you and your skin. 

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A clean start to the skin care routine. Refreshing deep cleansing alternatives to traditional cleansers. Water-soluble for thorough rinsing. Soap-, Lauryl Sulfate- and Mineral Oil-free. Skin feels clean, comfortable and moist.


Refresh. Refine. Revitalize. Deliver moisture instantly. Prepare the way for moisturizers & high performance treatments.


Refinish Revitalize and Reveal Younger, vibrant skin in seconds. Gentle enzymes. Smoothing beads. Powerful acids. Polish and refine every skin type and condition. Clear the path for better treatment results.


Soothe, Smooth, Rehydrate and Repair. Choose from light to luxurious, lotions to cremes. Hard-working smart formulas go beyond moisturizing. Sunscreen-free for 24/7 wear.

Performance Moisturizers

Support cell vitality. Protect the skin from damaging effects of indoor and outdoor environments. Smooth skin’s surface for supple, flawlessly illuminated skin. Fortify skin’s architecture for visibly lifted, sculpted contours. Increase skin’s density and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Soothe, Smooth, Refresh, Reveal, Hydrate, Revitalize and Nourish. Cleansing clays. Pore-clearing enzymes. See and feel noticeable results in minutes.


High-potency concentrates. Clinically-tested plant extracts and Multi-functional antioxidants.


Time-released Retinol gently smoothes the appearance of lines. Original Matrixyl® peptides restore the look of skin's youthful tone & texture. Ophthalmologist-approved for use around eyes


High-potency concentrates. Maximize skin fitness. Clinically-tested plant extracts, Nourishing lipids, and Firming peptides. Customize endless personalized solutions.

Anti-Aging Products

Visibly lift, volumize and redeinfine. contour within weeks. Rapidly enhance smoothness, firmness, elasticity, deep hydration and luminosity. Prevent signs of glycation, and restore density. Amplify effects of treatment modalities & procedures. Address the 5 key processes biologists believe have most impact on cellular aging

Eye Products

Smooth, Firm, Comfort, Hydrate, Correct, Brighten, Decircle and Depuff. Contains Decircling, firming and volumizing peptides.

Lip Products

Smoothes, plumps & redefines lip lines. Excellent base for lipstick, lip liner and gloss. Keeps lip color in place.

Neck Products

Target the special needs of this high profile, often overlooked facial region. Non-irritating retinol alternatives. Barrier repair ceramides. Visibly combats wrinkles & loss of firmness

Body Products

Refresh, Reveal, Revitalize and Renourish. Below-the-neck high performance skincare. Antioxidant plant extracts, Lightweight oils, Nourishing butters, and Vitamin C.


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