Skin Care Basics -Part 1

 Healthy skin can be achieved in numerous ways including good skin care, a proper stable routine and small changes to daily habits that can stop breakouts and other problems in their tracks. This post will focus on our favorite tips that can get you on your way to clearer skin in no time.



Clean your cell phone

We spent a lot of time on our phones and that leads to germs, dirt and oil being left on our screen. Wiping down your phone daily will help to prevent those annoying breakouts that occur on the sides of your face where you normally hold your phone up to your ear. Try using speakerphone or a hands free device to also help.

Hands off

Limit the amount you spend with your hands touching your face. The less bacteria that can reach your face the better. Change your pillowcases, bedding and towels regularly

Anything that interacts with your skin needs to be washed and changed out frequently. Pillowcases and the towels or washcloth you use when cleansing or drying your face are the most important because your face comes in contact with those the most. Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase that has dirt, oil and makeup residue is not good for your skin or for your health.

Remove makeup before bed

Always remove your makeup before turning in for the night. Your skin needs time to breathe and repair itself. Sleeping with makeup on not only clogs pores and causes breakouts but leaves a mess on your pillow as well. If you find yourself too tired or forgetting to cleanse try leaving makeup removing wipes by your bed. Some cleansing is better than none.

Clean makeup brushes

Make sure you are cleaning your makeup brushes regularly as well. We recommend every two weeks plus using a spray on cleaner such as the Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner in between if you are a heavy makeup user. Routine cleaning will cut down on the general bacteria, dirt and makeup residue that can clog pores.

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