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There are many services that we offer here at Serenity that our clients have described as life-changing.  But this revolutionary, safe, FDA-approved treatment TOPS THEM ALL.

So what does "feminine rejuvenation" even mean?

It means being able to do jumping jacks without urinary leakage, or ever worrying about coughing or laughing too hard again!

It means granting yourself the sexual satisfaction that you used to have before childbirth, never again having awkward or painful moments when you are trying to be intimate with your loved one.

It means restoring the youthful feel AND appearance of your lady parts!  Results are similar to that labiaplasty you've been thinking about.  This will tighten and tone without the need for surgery and it's complications.

Truly incredible innovation we are offering to YOU, our clients, our friends. . .only at Serenity MedSpa!


Read some reviews from some of our satisfied clients!


"I chose to try Votiva due to the noninvasive vaginal tightening and rejuvenation treatment to address several issues that I was experiencing such as stress urinary incontinence, laxity of the vaginal muscles, labia majora, and vulvar elastin.  I was not happy with the appearance and change that had happened due to pregnancy, vaginal deliveries, and age.  As a wife, mother, and nurse it simply was not an option to have to experience down time with traditional vaginal surgery.

During the first treatment of Votiva, I could physically feel the vaginal tightening during the procedure. The appearance of the labia and vulvar laxity could be seen instantly.  Within days following the treatment I was able to stop my urinary flow, cough, sneeze, laugh, and run without urinary leakage which had not been the case for years.

Although the conditions that I sought out Votiva for did not include sexual satisfaction or the need for a more contoured youthful appearance of my vaginal area, I am in awe of the results.

The entire internal and external treatment took around 30 minutes to complete. There was minor cramping during the procedure and was very tolerable. I was able to resume work right after treatment.  I did experience mild cramping and light vaginal spotting for the next few days. As instructed I did avoid baths, hot tubs, and intercourse for 48  hours."



"I wanted to try Votiva to address problems I've had since having children over 23 years ago.  Mostly urinary incontinence, but also vaginal and rectal prolapse.  I was tired of having leakage every time I would cough, sneeze, workout at the gym, or when doing housework.  I also would always feel like I had to go to the bathroom, and then there would only be a few dribbles when I went.  

During the first treatment, I could actually feel the vaginal area tightening with each pass of the machine. It took 30-40 minutes to complete.  Afterwards, I noticed immediate improvement of the appearance of the labia!  Also, I sneezed just after the procedure and guess what?  No leakage!  It was amazing.  I've been able to work out, do housework, etc. without having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes, which has changed my life.  I've also had increased sexual satisfaction which was an unexpected result!

I was informed of possible post-procedure cramping or spotting, although I have had no side effects.  I am completely thrilled with the result and would recommend Votiva to any woman with incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction."




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